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Hope For The Future Child Care & Preschool

The comforts of home with Inquiry based Hands-On Curriculum


Our rules promote self esteem, health, safety, self control, respectful manners, and cooperation.

We encourage polite behavior at an early age and respect all living things.

We honor alone time.

We communicate with nice words.

 We keep things in their designated places when not in use.

We run, use loud voices, and leave dirt outside.

We use soft voices and good manners inside.

We focus on learning and self-help skills with positive rewards.

We strive to redirect activities in order to boost self esteem and encourage inter control.

We believe in natural and logical consequences.

The offer of an A or B choice is used whenever possible to encourage decision making skills

and give children a sense of control in their lives.

 We strive to partner with families to keep consistency between home and child care.




Arrival time will be according to the parents schedule.

We are willing to work Eight 9’s shift and work the same schedule as the employee.


  6:00 to   7:10 AM   Earliest arrivals and child’s choice activities.

  7:15 to   8:00 AM   Hand Washing and Breakfast (ex: Waffle, Fruit, & Milk)

  8:00 to   9:00 AM   Indoor and Outdoor Children’s choice activities, Restroom Break

  9:00 to 11:00 AM   Preschool program centered on hands-on developmental learning.

  9:30 to 10:00 AM   Hand Washing & Snack (example: Cracker and Fruit segments)

11:30 to 12:00 PM    Hand Washing, Lunch, & Teeth brushing 

                                  (example: Spaghetti, Beef, Tomato Sauce, Green Beans, Milk)

12:15 to 12:45 PM    Large Motor Outside Play and Music Time, Restroom Break

  1:00 to   3:00 PM    Reading and Quiet Time as required by WAC: 170-296-1090* 

  3:30 to   3:50 PM    Hand Washing & Snack (ex: Cookie & Milk or Fruit/Vegetable)

  3:45 to   4:45 PM    School-age Home Work & Child-Directed Activities

  4:45 to   5:00 PM    Clean-up and Closing Time


Please Call for more information about our environment.