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Our Outdoor Sand Box


It is our mission to provide a fun, top-quality, hands-on, developmentally appropriate learning environment for the children we serve.  We strive to implement current best practice guidelines as an added measure of quality and safety. 


We believe Early Childhood Education should be: inquiry based learning that is culturally sensitive to each individuals needs.  We  respect that family is the basic institution of our society and the most important teacher to a child is their parents and family.


We know children are born learning and learn through all their senses therefore we provide an array of indoor & outdoor positive, hands-on experience based activities that stimulate “…freedom, joy and pleasure (John Amos Cornelius)” along with a constructionist theory of the teacher working and scaffolding children’s learning as activities evolve. 


We hope build trusted friendships to support and promote a child’s desire to express their ideas and theories in an environment that encourages hypothesis testing and family involvement.  Continuous open communication with parents and primary caregivers is a key factor in supporting children.



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Lorri Ann Hope, Director